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Sunday, September 07, 2008

The New News

To all my lovely, loyal readers -

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet or met with some untimely fate now back within the safety of my home country (though oddly enough, parts of SF do seem more menacing now than most of SE Asia). I/we have just been incredibly, incredibly busy trying to catch up to speed (which I not-so-secretly hope never to) with life back in the States. Just getting a phone without an existing phone number was a hurdle that took AT+T three, long weeks to figure out. But enough of our bureaucratic woes. The short of it is - I'm back! And, I'll continue this blog as long as I feel I can voice noteworthy + unique views of comparison + contrast between what I experienced as a very fortunate third-worlder to what is now my current reality as an average first-worlder. So, when you have the time + inclination, it'll be worth scrolling back as far as June as I finally post all the drafts I've not had the time to edit and post until now. Many more photos will be forthcoming too, as well as a brand new San Francisco series, because I do have the good fortune of living in one of the more unique + photogenic cities on Earth. And with that - Happy reading!

Note: I love to get comments posted directly on the blogs for all to share instead of a direct e-mail (well, I love the latter too, but let's try to keep this a more open forum going forward). Thanks! And in the words of S.N. Goenka - Be Happy :)


Anonymous Susie said...

Welcome home again, hope the burn was all you hoped. Looking forward to hanging out soon!

10:12 PM


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