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Friday, November 07, 2008

Kiva in Cambodia - A Comic Strip

As many of you know, Darin and I served as Fellows for Kiva in Phnom Penh exactly one year ago. Our time there was super-memorable in so many ways and stands as one of the highlights of our 2-1/2 years abroad. Since being back in San Francisco, Kiva's home base, we've stayed in contact and had the wonderful opportunity (a couple months back) to help with a training session for new Fellows heading into the field. It was so inspiring to meet everyone and we got caught right up in their enthusiasm - maybe the next best thing to actually traveling again myself.

There were three people heading to Cambodia, and one specifically to Maxima, the MFI (microfinance institution) office where we worked. This guy, John, is a great writer and put together a fun comic strip about his experiences there. Check out the "link".


Blogger cakes said...

Thank you, Tami! All the advice you and Darin gave me pre-departure has been invaluable. (No, I haven't eaten at that restaurant down the street from Maxima yet.)

I was in the field last Thursday and visited a woman who has a wholesale firewood business, up Route 5 about 10 kilometers or so. She looked at me when I arrived at her house and asked, "Haven't you been here before?"

Turns out this is the second visit Kiva Fellows have paid her. The first was you and Darin, about a year ago. She most certainly remembers you two. Though mistaking me for Darin? He is much better looking.

I'll send you the journal update for her business when I've posted it.

Best to you and Darin!

6:38 PM


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